Hair growth nutrient therapy for thinning hair and alopecia

A world-first!

Activance Clinician Formula is the world’s first bioidentical hair growth nutrient therapy to treat and prevent excessive hair fall, premature hair thinning, and loss.

Combining the regenerative molecule Rhodanide (thiocyanate) with a unique synergy mix of MSM, amino acids, vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), Allantoin, and bio-active botanicals, in a stabilised topical solution we have created a hair regeneration formula that will initiate, maintain and maximise hair growth.


Clinician Formula is the most potent formula in the entire Activance range to revive, promote, accelerate, and maintain natural (your very own) dense, strong, healthy hair and scalp.


Dermatologists, hair transplant surgeons, doctors and trichologists use Clinician Formula as a stand-alone treatment or complementary to other medical treatments.

Activance CF makes your hair growth and scalp treatment quick and easy with the following available as standard stock:

• 200ml bottle spray top (standard size) with quality and accurate spray. Each full spray delivers 0.25ml for scalp or hair shaft application. NB 20 full sprays deliver approximately 5ml (the minimum daily dose).

• 80ml bottle spray top (travel size) with quality and accurate spray. Each full spray delivers 0.25ml. It is a convenient size to be with you wherever you go, and it lasts 12-24 days.

• 80ml bottle with 2ml calibrated dropper with 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 ml and 2.0 ml calibration for direct application to the affected scalp areas. For use after spray application as an additional assurance. Or for those who want to use the CF on the scalp only, not the hair. Especially for women who do not wish to affect already style hair.

Stabilised formula ingredients:

purified water; alcohol USP; propanediol; purified plant leaf extracts of Chamaecyparis obtuse & Thymus vulgaris; dimethyl sulfone (MSM); gluconolactone; urea; sodium lactate; panthenol; amino acids: taurine, arginine, e-polylysine; sodium & potassium rhodanide (thiocyanate); allantoin; cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).


Treatment plans vary from clinic to clinic. At Activance Clinic we usually start a client with Activance Professional Densify 01. Densify 01 is our universal and weightless formula suitable for all hair and scalp types; its hair regrowth potency is the same as the others. However, its hydrating, nourishing and mending power is comparatively lesser than Density 02, 03 or Vitalise. Consequently, when compared, 01 works somewhat slower to improve the hair aesthetic: the appearance, condition and feel of the damaged hair shafts.
After consultation with the client, where we find out about their individual requirement, we might switch them to Densify 02 or 03 and/or Vitalise (the hair shaft booster) and/or Alleviate (the scalp health booster). We might also recommend an appropriate Activance shampoo with or without Activance conditioner to maximise the hair regrowth and scalp health result.
As CF is a much more potent and enriched formula than the other treatments, Activance Clinician Formula starts only if appropriate after 1-2 months of using the above Activance products without issue. Even then, it is only available after a proper consultation session by a health professional: GP, Dermatologist, Activance Certified Trichologist or Hair Health Clinician who will inform the client individually of the proper way to use the Activance CF.

Multi-therapeutic/combination therapy

In our experience, if appropriately used, the Activance Professional range alone will deliver an 85% plus success rate.

With regards to multi-therapeutic/combination therapy. In the Activance Clinic, we might use the Activance Professional range of treatments, boosters, shampoos and conditioners in conjunction with one or all the following if the client desperately asks for quick, maximum and bullet-proof results to achieve a 98%+ success rate:
1. A Molecular Nutrient Therapy oral powder and/or

2. Special propylene glycol free minoxidil topical formulas and other hair regrowth medicine if she/he does not mind the "drug approach" and/or

3. In-office treatment sessions - laser or PRP etc.

Directions For Using Clinician Formula


STEP 1: Shake the bottle well before each use.


STEP 2: Hold the nozzle close to the scalp, part hair, apply a minimum of 20 sprays (5ml) to the scalp for hair growth - for details, refer to the dosage guide. Gently massage in briefly, leave-in, do NOT rinse off. For hair aesthetic, apply ten sprays to hair strands, including mids and ends and massage hair between your palms.


STEP 3: Wait 10 minutes and style as usual or wait 15-20 minutes if applying other hair care or medical product(s) eg Minoxidil if required.



1.  Always use Activance treatments before other hair care or medical products for the best results. 2. Use every second day as a minimum (ideally on clean damp hair)

3. Use in conjunction with complementary products in the Activance Professional range.

4. Use as directed by your hair health professional or per guide below



Apply a minimum of 20-30 sprays (5.0-7.5ml) once daily (every day) to the affected scalp and hair areas and their surroundings. Ensure minimum 20 sprays on the scalp/hair roots and 10-15 sprays depending on the hair length on mid-lengths and ends of hair shafts. For severe cases, you can apply twice a day. 


Apply 20-30 sprays (5.0-7.5ml) on alternate days after successful hair regrowth results have been obtained from following a minimum five-month program of the Active Treatment dosage. Ensure treatment covers both scalp and hair in a similar ratio as when used as an Active Treatment.


For the best and fastest result, apply as an Active Treatment as previously mentioned every day for the first five weeks* or until successful outcomes become obvious before switching to a maintenance dose every second day or twice a week for ongoing hair and scalp health. Always seek advice and follow the direction of your hair health consultant for the best outcome. 


*For most hair and scalp issues, including excessive hair fall, BUT for hair loss, a minimum of five months is required for new regrowth to be visibly seen by the naked eye. For alopecia areata, it could take up to 12 months for new regrowth to become noticeable.

A 200ml bottle should last one month as treatment and two months when applied for maintenance.


Activance is compatible and also complements all kinds of haircare or medical hair products and treatments. It enhances and improves performances maximising the intended results while compensating/minimising any negative/adverse effects on hair and scalp health.

Haircare styling, products, and treatments include:
• Styling (incl. curling irons and blow dryers)
• Colouring (incl highlights, permanent and semi-permanent dyes)
• Perming, keratin, protein, and silk treatments

Medical hair products and treatments include:
• Minoxidil topical (Rogaine or Regaine)
• Hair transplants, both pre-and post-hair transplant treatment

Treating various types of Alopecia (hair loss)

Genetic and Ageing Hair Loss, Telogen Effuvium, Chronic or Acute Anogen Effuvium:

For best results, the sooner treatment starts, the better the outcomes for keeping thick, strong hair.


Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Induced Alopecia (Hair Loss):

For best results, start applying Activance spray one week before beginning chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments. Continue using during your treatment and for 6-12 months after your treatment finishes to speed up and maximise regrowth.


Alopecia Areata:

For balding areas/spots in alopecia areata, split up the total daily dose of 20-30 sprays into 4-5 sprays with subsequent 4 to 5 repeats as directed with 5-10 minutes intervals in-between, so it has time to dry out naturally.


Alopecia Totalise:

Using a total daily dose of 20-30 sprays, split the scalp into four quarters, apply 4-5 sprays in each quarter, and let it dry naturally for 10 minutes before repeating.