Product Selection Guide

The entire low allergy* 0% fragrance Professional range of leave-in treatments and boosters contain the same hair growth potency to treat hair thinning and loss, excessive hair fall or slow or non-growing hair.
Use the guide below to see which products best suit fine or thick hair shafts, damaged hair or problematic scalps.


Remember this information is a guide only and that each client has their unique requirements and personal preferences that may alter at different times or stages. It is up to you to recommend a suitable treatment by talking with your client and mastering the following information.

Making Recommendations to Your Clients

Densify, Alleviate and Vitalise are all-natural, 0% fragrance, low allergy,* hair revival treatments formulated with vital bio-identical hair growth nutrient molecule Rhodanide and botanical bio-actives. They promote and maintain growth and increase hair density, volume, strength and scalp health while working with the biology of your client's hair and wellbeing!


DENSIFY: Designed for thicker, stronger hair. 


Regular use of Densify, the hair growth leave-in treatment is a perfect natural solution to treat fine, thinning hair, slow or non-growing hair, or unwanted or excessive hair fall for the entire family, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.


All three Densify formulas contain the same Rhodanide strength for hair growth and regrowth but with different supporting ingredients to deliver three different hydration levels known as Hydrating Factors (HF) to suit individual needs and preferences at different times and occasions. 


When advising your client on which Densify Leave-in Treatment or Booster would best suit their hair and scalp condition and preference, consider the following unique aspects of each product to help with your recommendation.

Activance Densify Leave-in Treatments


Is our universal weightless formula for thicker, stronger hair. Suitable for all hair and scalp types, its hair regrowth potency is the same as the other Densify treatments; however, its hydrating, nourishing and mending power is comparatively lesser than Density 02, 03 or Vitalise Booster. Consequently, when compared, 01 works slightly slower to improve the hair aesthetic: the appearance, condition and feel of the damaged hair shafts.


Recommend Densify 01 to clients that 
• Have (natural) untreated or seldom coloured or chemically treated hair
• Do not or seldom style their hair using heat (dryer or hair-iron)
• Have an oily or oily prone scalp or hair
• Born with fine to very fine hair.
• Have undamaged. hair with poor hair aesthetic.


Densify 01 suits these clients because
• The hair has not been damaged by colouring, chemical or heat treatment; as a result, it doesn't need the extra hydration and nourishment offered by the other Densify treatments.
• It doesn't add any extra hydration to hair and scalps prone to oiliness.
• It's a weightless formula perfect for fine to very fine hair that the extra hydration of 02, 03 and Vitalise Booster might otherwise weigh down.
• 01 is a safe initial recommendation when introducing your clients to Densify. This universal formula is suitable for all hair and scalp types. Your client can start using it every day with the future choice of HF 02 or HF 03 if additional hydration is required.


Combines the best of both 01 and 03. It's a moderately hydrating and lightly nourishing (light-weight) formula that suits almost all hair and scalp types.


Recommend Densify 02 to clients that have 
• a normal to dry scalp
• undamaged or slightly damaged
• natural, or infrequent coloured or chemically treated hair
• poor aesthetic, unruly or flyaway hair


Densify 02 suits these clients because
• It's suitable for everyone except those born with very fine hair who should use 01 instead
• Oily prone hair and scalp, who should use 01 instead.
• Scalp and hair are not so dry or badly damaged to the extent that 03 or Vitalise Booster are required.


Is the most hydrating, mending, and enriching formula out of the three Densify formulas apart from the Vitalise booster. This hydrating and nourishing treatment is perfect for dry, brittle, coloured, damaged hair and dry scalps.


Recommend Densify 03 to clients that have 
• dry or damaged hair result from styling or/and heat treatments
• Have coloured or chemically treated hair
• poor aesthetic, unruly or flyaway hair


Densify 03 suits these clients because
• It mends damaged hair improving its appearance, condition and feel

• For severe cases or quicker results, use the strengthening booster Vitalise for the first 1-2 weeks after colour treatment to repair the damage faster. Once fixed, resume the routine use of Densify HF 03 or HF 02 depending on personal preference for ongoing thicker and stronger hair and healthy scalp.

Activance Soothing and Strengthening Boosters

Designed to work rapidly to solve targeted hair and scalp issues naturally and effectively, Alleviate and Vitalise Boosters complement our Densify treatments and are recommended for clients with the following concerns.


NOTE: Densify, Alleviate and Vitalise can be used together when required.  For example, use Alleviate on the scalp to resolve scalp issues and irritations, vitalise to repair damaged hair shafts to achieve faster results in a shorter time, then resume Densify treatment for regular ongoing use.


designed for SCALP ISSUES

Recommend our Soothing Booster - Alleviate to clients with a

• oily, tender, highly sensitive, irritated, inflamed or itchy scalp

• Flaky scalp, dandruff, folliculitis (infected hair follicles) 

• Problematic scalps like seborrhoea dermatitis, Psoriasis

• It's even great for beards! 

• Perfect for in-salon (before and after colour treatment to minimise irritation) and take-home use.


For short-term use (1-3 weeks), minimise and resolve scalp irritation issues quickly before resuming regular use of Densify for thicker, stronger hair and a healthy scalp.

Note: Use frequently throughout the day as required to resolve your scalp issues quickly.


How it works: With elevated levels of MSM, rosebay extract and Tasmanian pepper berry extract, the protective antioxidants in Alleviate gently soothe scalp irritations and sensitivity.


designed for HAIR AND SCALP

Recommend our Strengthening Booster - Vitalise to clients who want to

• Strengthen and protect hair from heat, styling, chemicals and UV

• Resolve and rectify damaged, porous, very dry or brittle hair, breakage and split ends

• Protect their colour, lock-in vibrancy and reduce fading

• Improve hair aesthetic, manageability and health

• Perfect for in-salon and take home use


Use for 1-3 weeks to quickly resolve and rectify damaged hair and other hair strands issues before resuming regular use of the preferred Densify formula for ongoing thicker, stronger hair and healthy scalp.

Note: For very porous hair that does not take up colour readily, use Vitalise Booster as porosity equaliser for few days beforehand. 


How it works: The natural antioxidants, botanical extracts and amino acids in the Vitalise formula provide a concentrated nutrient booster facilitating enhancing and prolonging salon treatments while improving hair aesthetic, strength, manageability and elasticity.

*All Densify treatments, Alleviate Soothing Booster, and Vitalise Strengthening Booster are low allergy* unscented 0% fragrance formulas suitable for all scalp types, including sensitive or dandruff prone scalps. We recommend carrying out an initial patch test behind the ear for a few days before general use per directions as a safety precaution. 

Please visit the other pages in our Education Exchange to find out more about our products including downloadable directions guides for your clients.