Treatment Regimen and Results Guide

ACTIVE TREATMENT DOSAGE*: Below is an estimated (approximate) timeline for improving parameters that could be observed or monitored after daily use of Activance spray for individuals who suffer from one of the following hair and scalp issues:

Fine or thin hair with little or no volume

Increases the water-binding capacities of the hair keratin fibers by 50-120% (depending on the formula used) to swell and fatten hair strands to give fuller hair with an increase in overall hair volume.

Increased hair volume is generally seen in 2-7 days.

Thinning hair or hair loss of various types:   
• Androgenetic hair loss in men or women  
• Alopecia areata (AA)

Lengthens and extends the hair cycle's anagen (growth phase) and reactivates dormant follicles to promote and maximise hair growth to give denser and thicker hair and volume.

4-8 months for hair regrowth depending on the type and extent of hair loss.
10+ months for AA.

Unwanted or excessive falling hair:
• Telogen effuvium, chronic or acute anogen effuvium

Prolong and extend the exogen (hair falling out) phase of the hair cycle to reduce unwanted or excessive hair falling out per given time.

We have generally seen in 4-8 weeks. 
Excluding anogen effuvium.

Lifeless, non or slow-growing hair

Increases cellular metabolism to re-energize and accelerate hair growth. NB, the growth rate of hair decrease like all other organs in our bodies as we age.

Generally 2-4 months. Normal scalp hair grows one cm per month.

Weak, brittle, porous, or damaged hair

Repairs and strengthens the weakened, damaged, or broken hair bondings, including the disulphide (disulfide) bonds of keratin fibers resulting from heat, physical, chemical, and environmental stress Heat-blow-drying, ironing, etc. chemical-cleansing products, dyes, relaxers/perms, smoking, some drugs, etc.  
Physical: hair braiding, backcombing, etc.
Environmental: UV, pollutants, salt and chlorine pool water, etc.

Generally seen in 1-2 weeks.

2-7 days with Activance Professional Vitalise spray.

Dry, dull, or unruly hair

Hydrates the entire hair from the roots to the tips and tames unruly frizzy or static flyaway hair. Closes tightens and smooths the hair cuticle to give a natural shine, improving hair aesthetic - with volume, shine, neatness, and bounce.

Generally seen 1-2 weeks.

Itchy, inflamed, or problematic scalp - dry or oily, sensitive/hypersensitive/irritated, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis

Hydrates and soothes dry, sensitive, or irritated scalps.
• Rebalance sebum production from under/over-active sebaceous glands.
• Supports and renormalises beneficial microbiome growth on the scalp epidermis, promoting a healthy scalp for healthy hair growth. 
• Resolves hypersensitivity, irritation, inflammation or dandruff.

Generally seen 2-6 weeks.   


2-7 days for Activance Professional Alleviate.

Excluding infections. 

Dye colour fading

Improves/strengthens hair structure to hold on to the dye to increase and prolong hair dye/colour retention to slow colour fading.

Generally seen 2-4 months.

Hair and scalp aging - senescent alopecia (hair loss)

Regenerates and vitalises hair and scalp to promote hair growth while moderating its aging (anti-aging).

Requires long term regular maintenance usage 2-3 times per week.


Apply a minimum of 20-30 sprays (5.0-7.5ml) once daily (every day) to the affected scalp and hair areas and their surroundings. Ensure minimum 20-22 sprays on the scalp/hair roots and 10-8 sprays on mid-lengths and ends of hair shafts. For severe cases, you can apply twice a day.